Alcatraz Open Thread

image of Sam Neill holding up a key from the most recent episode of Alcatraz

I am sorry I forgot to post this yesterday! Whooooooooooooops! Did you watch Alcatraz Monday night? What did you think of it? Did you love it? I did! I LOVED IT.

Here are the Top 5 things I loved about it (some minor spoilers):

1. I love Jorge Garcia! I love his character, Dr. Diego Soto, soooooooooo much! And the first scene, in the restaurant, you know the one I mean, where his partner asks him how a guy with two PhDs ends up running a comic book store? And he tells her? And she's all, "That's pretty close to adorable." And it was! OMG. Jorge Garcia, you are awesome.

2. I love Sarah Jones! I love her character, Det. Rebecca Madsen, soooooooooo much! She is very smart and competent and brave! And cheeky and nice! I cannot even begin to describe how much I am enjoying a female character who is allowed to be tough and vulnerable and smart and silly, and isn't just a caricature. Also: "Know what they didn't have in the 1960s...? Seatbelt laws!"

3. I did NOT love the violence, because gross. But what I did love is that the show, which is, after all, about violent criminals, does not encourage us to elide the reality of violence. It is hard to watch a widow scream with the agony of loss, and to watch Dr. Soto's face contort with pain at the sight of violence, and it is also important. I think it's really kind of brave to do a show about violence that doesn't approve of violence.

4. I loved this exchange between Det. Madsen and Dr. Soto: "Thanks for having my back." "Always."

5. Everything else!

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