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So, earlier today, I gave Dudley and Zelda each a biscuit and then they wanted to go outside. So we went outside, biscuits in tow, and then the two of them commenced to be giant babies because they like to lie down in the grass to eat their biscuits, but there's icky crappy coldy snow on the ground! This is especially traumatic for Dudz, who is basically naked with no body fat to keep him warm, but nonetheless refuses to wear his coat and boots.

"I can neither run nor do my business in them! Shut up!"—Dudley.

So anyway, here is the worst thing to happen in the history of America (#LittleEdie), and please forgive my heavy breathing; I'd just been running around the yard with them before I started filming and I apparently will never learn not to hold the camera directly in front of my face.

Dudley and Zelda play with their biscuits in the snow, then carry them around, looking for a place to lie down. Dudley sits his skinny buttsy on the ground, then immediately stands back up, his biscuit hanging out of his mouth (vertically, natch). The dogs look at each other, like, "What now?"

Dudley spins in a circle, then trots toward me. Considers lying down several more times; looks confused. I laugh. "Dudley, would you like to take your bone inside?" He ignores me. "Do you wanna go inside?" He trots away. (It should be noted he knows what "inside" means, and he does NOT want to go there, despite its provided ease of biscuit-devouring.) He runs over to the grass bush (to which he is allergic) and drops his biscuit to the ground where he starts to munch it.

Meanwhile, Zelly stands in the middle of the yard with her biscuit on the ground. I laugh. "What about you, Zelda?" She picks up the biscuit, then drops it again and runs over to Dudz. She investigates what he's doing, then returns to sniff around for her biscuit. Dudley comes meandering back over with silly ears and half a biscuit. He looks pathetic. "Dudley," I say laughing, "I'm thinking maybe we should just go back in." He looks at me. "What do you think?" He trots away to the far side of the yard.

Zelda retrieves her biscuit out of the snow, wagging her tail at its discovery, and then finally lies down in the snow to eat it. Dudley stands on the far side of the yard, eating his bone with his back to me, just to make sure I know he can do it! Shut up!

"This is truly the saddest thing I've ever seen," I say. "Well, actually, it may be only the saddest thing I've seen since Agony Antler."
For those who can't view video, still pix of all the furry residents are below the fold.

In ascending age order:

Zelda lying on the couch, revealing her cute belly
Zelly Belly!

Dudley lying on the couch on his back, being a derp

Sophie sitting in the sink
Sophs, just sittin' in the sink. Like ya do.

Olivia lying on the top of my bookshelf
Olivia, getting high and showing off the Tail of Doom.

Matilda, lying in the sunshine on the back of the couch

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