So Here's Some Good News

[Content Note: This post discusses sexual violence in the US military.]

The US military's truly abysmal record on preventing and prosecuting sexual violence among servicemembers is something about which I've written over the last seven years, rarely with anything resembling good news (unless the name Rep. Louise Slaughter was attached). But yesterday the AP reported that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta "has taken a personal interest in the problem [of sexual assault among servicemembers] and personally announced the changes in part because he wanted to focus on the issue a measure of attention he feels has been somewhat lacking in the department."

At the link, Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) quite rightly notes that the measures being undertaken at Panetta's direction are insufficient, and much more will need to be done. Still: This is an important step in the right direction.

I want to quickly note that addressing the military culture in which servicemembers are assaulted by other servicemembers is not only important to protect those serving in the US military, but also because meaningfully subverting the rape culture within the military will decrease attacks on civilians committed by members of the US military, too.

teaspoon icon Go here to sign the petition to Support Military Sexual Assault Survivors.

[H/T to Shaker Aeryl.]

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