Quote of the Day

"I don't think people like children being injected into controversies that are far beyond their understanding. ... An eight-year-old doesn't know what homosexuality is, nor should he or she!"—Bloviating fartsack Bill O'Reilly, scolding the mother of an 8-year-old boy who, earlier this week, told Rep. Michele Bachmann at a campaign appearance that his mother is a lesbian and doesn't need to be fixed.

O'Reilly is obviously a stupendous child psychologist and childhood development expert, absolute tops in his field, he probably has at least three different degrees from Smart Guy University, which is so exclusive you couldn't get in so don't even try, and I'm just some random knucklehead who happened to grow up with gay friends and friends with gay parents, but it seems to me that actually a lot of 8-year-olds do know what homosexuality is, and they find it to be orders of magnitude less controversial than 62-year-old straight men who make a fine living pretending to care about the well-being of children whose families he marginalizes at every opportunity to bring spiteful joy to the bitter homobigots he calls fans who are desperately concerned about their super-special relationships losing the shimmering, golden glow that only denying equality to same-sex couples conveys upon their gloriously gilded unions.

But, hey, I'm no expert.

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