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Earlier today, Portly Dyke and I were on the phone, laughing until we were wiping tears from our cheeks at Damn You Autocorrect! [note: not a safe space], a site that catalogs the unfortunate, and frequently hilarious, miscommunications resulting from the autocorrect feature on many mobile devices. This one is my absolute favorite:

an image of part of a text conversation in which 'Shawn' and 'Dad' are texting. Dad: you there shawn | Shawn: Yea what up daddy-o | Dad: i am eating your mother out tonight at 7 so you have to find your own dinner | Shawn: Not sure how to respond to that. Uh, have fun? | Dad: i'm not eating her out, i'm eating her out | Shawn: Oh that clears it up | Dad: i mean taking. well this has been a fun chat

"Well this has been a fun chat." Oh my god. LOL FOREVER.

Anyway! I thought digital miscommunications would make for a great QotD, so here goes: What's the most amusing and/or embarrassing miscommunication you've had as a result of autocorrect or a typo?

It doesn't have to be via text; a typo in an email or typed letter qualifies, too. And you could have been the recipient or the sender. Have at it!

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