The Dexter Thread

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lol your garbage tableau

The series finale of Dexter will be discussed in detail, which means that SPOILERS lurk herein. If you don't want to know what happened, please pack your plastic wrap and go...

1. All my previous complaining stands.

2. The whole Deb Loves Dexter subplot? No. That's all I got. Just an emphatic no.

3. Remember at the beginning of the series, how Dexter constantly used to give Deb tips to make her look good on the job? Now he constantly undermines her and doesn't care whether her job gets risked because he wants to kill Doomsday himself? Bullshit. That particular piece of empathy didn't evaporate into thin air. The writers can't just pretend that a central part of the character at the series' genesis never happened. There needed to be some scene of reflection, some annoying conversation with Harry about consciously choosing to move from supporting Deb on the job to subverting her on the job.

4. Lions and lambs. Ugh. Who wrote this shit—Dan Brown?

5. The last 30 seconds of the episode? Great. Best 30 seconds of the season. That is not enough good seconds. Please deliver more good seconds next season, writers of Dexter. And stop fucking with Deb!

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