This is a real thing in the world.

Um. This is apparently an actual series of ads created by Ogilvy Atlanta for the Boy Scouts of America:

a series of four pictures, each featuring a young boy, three of whom are white and one of whom is black, wearing Boy Scout uniforms and sporting long bears; the pictures are each labeled 'Be One with the Wild'.
[Click to embiggen.]

Okay, there is a lot of stuff going on here—the equating of hairiness with masculinity, and a particular brand of "natural" masculinity, at that; the equating of hairiness with wildness; the substitution of "a brunette white kid, a redheaded white kid, and a blond white kid" for racial diversity; the aging of children to promote a group that has [trigger warning] an institutional problem with sex abuse—but, apart from (and in addition to) all of that, this shit is just fucking WEIRD.

[Via Copyranter.]

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