Perry and "Personhood"

So this happened yesterday:

Question off camera: Um, I'd like to clarify whether you agree or disagree with Mitt Romney regarding the personhood amendment?

Perry: Let, let me tell you what I believe in. I'm pro-life. Been pro-life all my life. Uh. (pause) As the governor of Texas I don't know if there's, uh, anyone who has been engaged more issues that have been, uh, protective of life. Uhm. And parental consent, parental notification, this last session of legislature we passed a law that, uh, says if a female is to receive an abortion she, ah, has to have a sonogram before that procedure can occur. Uhm, I happen believe in putting justices on the Supreme Court that are pro-life. And....Roe versus Wade would, ah, be found to be unconstitutional, it would go back to the states. Until! There would be a constitutional amendment to the United States that would clearly defend life and that life would be from the time of conception until death. I would support that. Uh, and....(pause)...that a pro-life amendment in a constitutional way is the way that this issue is finally addressed. So, uh, I have always been very consistent, uh, on the issue of life and will continue to be in the, ah, men and women who I would ask to serve on the United States Supreme Court would be strict constructionists and they would find nothing in the United States constitution dealing with the issues of, ah, abortion. That would go back to the states and the state could decide those issues up until the time there would be a United States constitution to protect life, which I would be supportive of.

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