Daily Dose of Cute

Quite some time ago, Shakers RedSonja and KarateMonkey, and their dog Buffy, gifted Dudley an indestructible(ish) chew-toy made from recycled firehose. Dudley, however, never has as much interest in the Hard Core Fire Hose as when Zelda decides to play with it. (Rinse and repeat and interchange names for every toy they have in their toybox.)

So when Zelda grabs the hose out of the toybox, often with the express purpose of enticing Dudley to wrestle for it...

Zelda the Mutt sits on the floor with the hose

...Dudley immediately decides he wants to play with it!

Dudley the Greyhound looks over Zelda's shoulder at the hose
"Hey, that looks pretty fun!"

Zelda and Dudley play tug-of-war with the hose
"Give it to me! It's mine!"

Zelda and Dudley play tug-of-war with the hose
"No, it's mine!"

Zelda and Dudley play tug-of-war with the hose
"I had it first!"

Zelda lunges at Dudley's head

"Rrrrawwwrrr!"     "Rrrrawwwrrr!"     "I'm thirsty!"     "Me, too!"

Dudley and Zelda drink out of the same water bowl, even though there are two sitting there
Lap lap lap lap kissy kiss lap lap lap.

Dudley looks up from the water bowl with his tongue sticking out

The hose now lies abandoned in the middle of the living room floor, completely ignored by both of them.

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