What We Have Here Is a Failure to Expect More

[Trigger warning for homophobia; bullying.]

California Christian Coalition Explains Repeal Effort Against Gay Education Law: Bullying Is Normal.

Among the anti-gay garbage (which I'm not posting because fuck him) spewed by Robert Newman, head of the California Christian Coalition, who are mobilizing to repeal the LGBTQI education bill signed into law this summer by California Governor Jerry Brown, there was this crap piece of justification for opposing the law:
There's always bullying against people who don't fit the norm. It's part of growing up; it's part of maturing. ... I hardly think that bullying is a real issue in schools.
Well, isn't it just splendid that Mr. White Straight Christian Privilege thinks that bullying isn't an issue in schools. What a hero.

Leaving aside the evident hilaritragedy of a man who defines "the norm" asserting that the bullying of people who "don't fit the norm" isn't an issue, it's terrible that he views bullying as inevitable. Bullying is not inevitable. Bullying is a choice, a behavior born of privilege and intolerance and abuse—all of which are themselves also not inevitabilities in this world.

Someone really needs to suggest to Mr. Newman that he expect more—of others, and of himself.

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