Dispatches from ComicCon

[Trigger warning for misogyny and rape culture.]

As per usual, there's been no shortage of misogyny and rape culture at ComicCon.

1. A woman dressed as Batgirl and her tween daughter dressed as Spoiler bravely challenged the lack female characters in the Justice League line and the dearth of female creators. Naturally, she received a hostile response from panelists and crowd, who don't like having their fun ruined etc.

2. At the Game of Thrones panel, actor Jason Momoa, who plays Khal Drogo (and whose rape of Daenerys Targaryen was much discussed here), said his favorite thing about working on Game of Thrones is that fantasy shows let him "rip someone's throat out and rape beautiful women."

3. At the True Blood panel, executive producer Alan Ball said
his favorite moment of the current fourth season was the "ritualistic gang rape of Jason Stackhouse" by werepanther women.

"There was actually a sense of enjoyment in that for me as well," joked Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason.
So. Fucking. Gross.

That is not a comprehensive list. Consider this a general thread to share links and discuss the various goings-on (and naturally, discussion need not be limited to sex- and gender-related oppressions).

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