Two Facts

1. David Brooks has written yet another garbage column for the New York Times, called "Where Wisdom Lives."

2. Where Wisdom Lives is not in David Brooks' brainpan.

As usual, there are a lot of things wrong with Brooks' column, but this in particular struck me:
Some Democrats simply want to do nothing as Medicare careens toward bankruptcy. Last Sunday on "Face the Nation," for example, Nancy Pelosi said, "I could never support any arrangement that reduced benefits for Medicare."

Fortunately, more responsible Democrats are looking for ways to save the system.
Why do Brooks' editors allow him to get away with this mendacious horseshit? A failure to support reduced Medicare benefits is not axiomatically synonymous with "wanting to do nothing." There are various ways of addressing the potential shortcomings of Medicare that don't involve a reduction in benefits—raising taxes and/or creating a socialized healthcare system, for example, both of which Representative Pelosi has been known, ahem, to support.

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