Dudley is pro-choice, no doy.

He is, as it turns out, one of many dogs who are pro-choice (and a few cats, too), because dogs (and cats) know what's up.

Dudz also wanted me to pass on that he feels like greyhounds, along with dogs used for breeding in puppy mills or used for dog fighting, have a special role to play in the pro-choice movement, because they really understand the difference between a life in which you're forced to use your body in ways you wouldn't choose and a life in which you aren't.

"I've heard all those anti-choice people say that bodies with uteri are 'designed to have babies,' so that's what they should do," Dudley told me. "Okay, sure. Just like greyhounds' bodies are 'designed to run'—but there's a difference between being made to run and choosing to run. And, as far as I can tell, giving people reproductive choices is the same as being able to run, if and when I want to, just for the joy of it. Which is way better."

[Video Description: Scenes of Dudley running around the dog park, set to "Gonna Fly Now."]


(FYI: Dudz totes got SO many peanut butter treats for posing so nicely for such a good cause.)

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