An Observation

It is long past time for a national prime-time address by our ostensibly pro-choice Democratic president about the Republican all-out assault on reproductive rights across this country.

More than half the population is directly affected by the GOP's erosion of abortion rights. Needless to say, even people who cannot personally give birth are affected by the whims of the anti-choice brigade, too. This is a national issue.

If anti-choice legislation in all 50 states as well as the federal Congress doesn't warrant a Democratic president's attention, doesn't move him to address this full-tilt attack on every American's ability to control hir reproduction, which we consider one of the most fundamental rights of the modern world, doesn't cause within his gut a burning need to passionately defend every Uterine-American's access to basic medical care, including what is frequently a life-saving procedure, I can't imagine what will.

Speak up, Mr. President.


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