Ba Da Ba Ba Baaaa! I'm Lovin' It!

In case my two earlier posts, and Misty's follow-up, weren't depressing enough for you, I just read this alarming tidbit at Mother Jones:
"Up to 30,000 of the 54,000 jobs created in May were the result of a hiring spree by the hamburger chain, analysts at Morgan Stanley told Market Watch on Friday." So hiring at McDonald's accounted for about half of the nation's job growth in May.
Emphasis mine.

In addition to the economic implications of that scenario, while McDonald's is becoming US workers' best employment option, the First Lady is busily introducing her "Let's Move" campaign at fucking pre-schools.

Not everyone who is fat eats McDonald's; not everyone who eats McDonald's is fat; not everyone who eats McDonald's and is fat or not fat is unhealthy. But someone who eats McDonald's almost exclusively is very likely to have health problems irrespective of their weight as a result.

Does anyone else find it incredibly absurd to be investing money in a fat-shaming and ableist anti-obesity campaign aimed at children in a country where their unemployed parents are more likely to get hired at McDonald's than anywhere else, a job at which the compensation makes the dollar value menu a more affordable option for many meals than the local grocery store (that is, if they don't live in a food desert), and the likely lack of employer health insurance means that preventative healthcare will be a luxury the family cannot afford?

This country is so fucked up.

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