Predictable Fuckery

[Trigger warning for homophobia and transphobia]

So, this guy married a lady and had a couple of kids. At some point, the guy and the lady got a divorce. These things happen. Then, at some subsequent point in time, the guy married a second, different lady. None of the guy's relatives much liked the second lady. The first lady shared this sentiment.

Anyhow, the guy died a tragic death, which what with the government and all, entitles said guy's family to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Normally, that money would go to the second lady, who is the guy's widow. However, other people think the money should go to the kids and OMG NOT TO THE SECOND LADY.

Lawsuits ensued.

The first court to hear the case recently ruled against Nikki Araguz, the widow.

Ms. Araguz had a vagina, and her late husband, Thomas Araguz III (presumably) had a penis, so you'd totally think that their property arrangement would be cool in the eyes of the State of Texas.

However, the couple married in August 2008. Ms. Araguz had a penis until October 2008. Since Mr. Araguz also had a penis during this time period (although I haven't seen the documentation for that little tidbit), the court ruled that the marriage between Nikki and Thomas was never valid.

Marriage is a property arrangement that implies sex. Because the State of Texas (along with most of the United States) is run by bigots, marriage is therefore not an arrangement that two bepenised individuals can enter into. This contrasts with, say, Bank of America's acquisition of Merrill Lynch.

Okay then.

According to this reading of the law:
individuals do not determine their gender, but rather genitals do the work for them,
there are precisely two genders,
marriage is *special* (love you too, honey!) as property arrangements go,
and people with reasonably similar genitals cannot enter into it.

I'm assuming you knew that already. However, if you were looking for a story to bring the arbitrary and hateful nature of those laws into focus, this would appear to do the trick.

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