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99%: The percentage of US women, who have ever been sexually active, who "have ever used a contraceptive method other than natural family planning."
Contraceptive use by Catholics and Evangelicals—including those who attend religious services most frequently—is the norm, according to a new Guttmacher report (pdf). This finding confirms that policies making contraceptives more affordable and easier to use reflect the needs and desires of the vast majority of U.S. women and their partners, regardless of their religious beliefs.

...The analysis, based on a nationally representative U.S. government survey, has important implications for health policy, which is still at times shaped by the mistaken belief that contraceptive use runs counter to strongly held religious beliefs. The new report counters this myth and shows that opposition to contraception by the Catholic hierarchy and other socially conservative organizations is not reflected in the actual behaviors and health care needs of Catholic and Evangelical women.

..."There is a strong body of evidence demonstrating that contraceptive use and the prevention of unintended pregnancy improves the health and social and economic well-being of women and their families," says Adam Sonfield, a Guttmacher policy analyst. "Women from all walks of life and varying religious affiliations have come to this same conclusion and acted on it. Sound public policy making should recognize this and support women by making contraceptives easier and more affordable to use. Health policy should not serve as a proxy for religious dogma."
It is ridiculous that in the year two thousand and eleven, we cannot agree to give women access to every reproductive option available and just let them decide what works best for them.

I am 100% pro-choice, and I trust women.

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