Today in Fat Hatred

[Trigger warning for fat hatred, objectification, body shaming.]

This is a blind item going around the gossip/celebrity blogs today:
This actor, known mostly for his great hair and good looks over his acting ability, might surround himself with stick thin supermodels at times, but we're told he has a 'big girl fetish.' He scours the internet for listings and photos of lovely, big, and curvaceous women and hooks up with them whenever possible!
Oh, Blind Item. How depressing are you? Let me count the ways.

It's depressing that attraction to fat women is considered scandalous. It's depressing that attraction to fat women is once again represented as a "fetish," rather than a simple preference. It's depressing that fetishes are still treated as dirty and shameful. It's depressing that the women being described here as "big" might not actually even be fat, but "big" only by comparison to an arbitrary beauty standard. It's depressing that thin women are being used as beards. It's depressing that this actor believes that publicly dating a fat (or "big," whatever that means) woman could hurt his career. It's depressing that he's right.

It's amazing how much fuckery can be embedded in a mere 54 words.

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