Class War! (Illustrated Version)

In case you don't subscribe to Mother Jones and you're not the kinda of asshole who reads it online for free (:cough:), permit me to draw your attention to a feature in the current edition:

[Trigger warning for ableist language] Eleven charts that explain what's wrong with America.

I don't think the massive income inequality in the US will surprise many Shakers, and some of the graphs are re-runs, but the MoJo piece is still a really sweet set of graphics. There aren't enough slide transitions in the world (although comb vertical? :swoon:) to make this not depressing.

In case you can't (or don't want to) open the link, here's a synopsis:

In America:
1) The super rich are much richer than the rest of us (where "much" equals OMFG).
2) They control an inordinate proportion of the US' net worth.
3) They're getting a lot richer, too, while you're likely getting poorer,
4) not that all USians have figured out how bad things have gotten.
5) If you were in Congress, you might not know or care about the income gap either, given that you'd likely be super rich,
6) and interested in protecting people like you from anything that might reduce
7) the massive growth of corporate profits and unemployment
8) or that might address the whopping inequality between CEO and worker salaries
9) or otherwise reversing the steady decline in the US' top income tax rate,
10) or the decline in US reliance on corporate taxes.
11) But again, you're probably not super-rich, which means that you're making a lot less than you would have if folks at the top felt like sharing the fruits of economic growth with you. (They don't.)

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