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I CAN'T WAIT to see Something Borrowed, you guys!

Video Description: Ginnifer Goodwin is a white college girl, who is obviously a nerd because she has brown hair and wears glasses. She likes a boy. He is Colin Egglesfield. He is cute. Her best friend is Kate Hudson, who is obviously sexy because she has blonde hair and self-confidence. She tells the cute boy to ask Ginnifer Goodwin on a date, and when Ginnifer Goodwin embarrassedly insists they're JUST FRIENDS! Kate Hudson then tells the cute boy to ask HER out on a date, in order that she might PROVE A POINT in the most hurtful possible way to the girl who is inexplicably her best friend. The cute boy is apparently from Mars and thus has no idea that Ginnifer Goodwin has a crush on him, also because she DOESN'T TELL HIM, so he dates her best friend.

Fast forward and now it's six years later and the horrible Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield, who is obviously wonderful by virtue of his being from Mars, are getting married, and Ginnifer Goodwin, who I'm guessing (although it's not clear from the trailer) is now working as an executive martyr at Masochist Corp., is still totes BFFs with them. Kate Hudson is horrible. Scenes of her being horrible at her wedding dress fitting and at Ginnifer Goodwin's 30th birthday party. John Krasinski says something sarcastic about Kate Hudson being horrible.

Whoooooooops Ginnifer Goodwin gets drunk and sleeps with Colin Egglesfield. Who tells her he "wasn't that drunk" when they did it. Hmm. Isn't there a name for that? Well, nevermind! He's from Mars. Things are different there. He is SO WONDERFUL.

Kate Hudson is so terrible. John Krasinski is so sarcastic. Kate Hudson is pretty sure she loves Colin Egglesfield. John Krasinski sagely notes that Kate Hudson is horrible and Ginnifer Goodwin is dishonest about her feelings. Colin Egglesfield has doubts. Kate Hudson is a bridezilla. Ginnifer Goodwin tells her no. I am Spartacus, or whatever.
Oh god, Kate Hudson. Oh god, Ginnifer Goodwin. Oh god, John Krasinski. Colin Egglesfield, I don't even know who you are but OH GOD.

Maybe, like John Krasinski's Away We Go, and unlike every Kate Hudson movie ever, this film is a victim of bad marketing. Maybe it's secretly a great film that tells a great story about great women. I'm not saying it isn't. (Although I would bet against it.) I'm merely observing that it's being proudly marketed as a garbage disaster that stinks of kyriarchy.

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