Newt 4 Prez

Former Speaker of the House and Professional Dirtbag Newt Gingrich (R-Eprehensible) is reportedly going to announce his intent to explore a 2012 candidacy later this week:
Confidants close to the former House speaker say he will announce his intention to form a presidential exploratory committee before on Thursday in Atlanta.

Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler would only say that the former speaker will make an announcement by the end of the week on forming a presidential exploratory committee. But friends of Gingrich say he has already made up his mind.

..."2010 was the appetizer. 2012 is the entrée," Gingrich told an enthusiastic crowd at CPAC earlier this month. He will instantly be a force. He's tireless, full of ideas and one of the most well-known Republicans in the country. Nearly two decades ago, Gingrich led the last Republican revolution, drafting the "Contract with America" that swept House Republicans into power in 1994.

Let us never forget, as we contemplate whether this gentleman is fit to lead our democratic nation, that he believes the passionate involvement of citizens in the political process demeans it.

Which is only the tip of the giant iceberg that is What's Objectionable About Newt Gingrich, but it's a pretty important goddamn tip.

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