Daily Dose of Cute

Video Description: Dudley the Greyhound plays with his favorite new toy, a plush pig, which has a squeaker, a honker, and crunchy ears for maximum noise-making fun. The only thing that can make him abandon Piggy is when he thinks food might be on offer.


Recently, Dudley has started not wanting to go in his crate when we leave. It's not that he won't, because he's a good boy, but he is obviously less thrilled about it than he used to be. We suspected he's confident enough in this environment now that he feels like he doesn't need the crate anymore, so we started, in small steps, getting him used to being home alone. (And the crate's still there if he feels like he needs it.)

He's been ridiculously awesome. He hasn't been destructive, hasn't peed in the house in protest, hasn't even touched the catfood.

So yesterday was a big test: Three hours at home alone. I bought him Piggy so he'd have a nice reward for being a good boy if he'd done well. And he did! He greeted us at the door with a wagging tail, not even looking the least bit anxious, so he got his new toy.

And they are now officially BFFs.

When he does the wild ear-flapping (seen in the video @ 1:15), I just laugh and laugh and laugh.

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