Discussion Thread: I Thought the Darnedest Things

Earlier today, during the course of one of our many fine conversations about total nonsense, I related the following story to Deeky:

Liss: That reminds me of when I was four or five, and, at Sunday School, the preacher told us that when you go to heaven, your whole body becomes clean forever, which was obviously supposed to be a metaphor, but, hello, children that age don't understand metaphors, so I asked him if that means you don't poop in heaven.

Deeky: LOLOLOL! What was his reply?

Liss: I don't even remember, lol.

I also recall that, around the same age (and owing to the same literal-mindedness), I told my mom that God's arms and legs are attached to his head. When she asked me who had told me that, I told her my Sunday School teacher (or the minister) had. Gently, she expressed doubt that anyone told me God's arms and legs were attached to his head, but I was insistent. "Yes huh! [Whoever] told me God doesn't have a body, so that must mean his arms and legs are attached to his head!" Oy.

I could probably think of a million things like that, things I misunderstood when I was a kid, and I figured lots of you could think of a million things you misunderstood when you were kids, too.

So! Here's a thread! Fun!

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