Sexy News Anchors Distract Male Viewers.

Whoooooooooops! Straight Male Viewers' Ability to Concentrate Undermined by Lifelong Socialization to Sexually Objectify Women.

B-b-but it's in their BRAINZ!!! Blah blah evo psych blah!

Yes. That's true. And brains wired to see things one way will start seeing them another way within a matter of days when forced to do so. And brains that hold socialized biases, like associating dark skin with a lack of ethics, release those biases when exposed to counter-narratives on a regular basis. And brains that are remapped with cognitive behavior therapy can stop doing things they have done for years.

The thing about brains, and how they perceive things, is that they're adaptable based on the external factors to which we subject them. That's demonstrably evident, even granting that we may be predisposed to certain psychological patterns and processes.

But something about sex and gender makes us certain everything is hard-wired.

That's just how men are! You know what women are like! Boys will be boys. She's such a girl. He's a man's-man. She's a girly-girl. Men can't help it. Women can't help it. That's just how they're born.

We don't feel socialization happening, which is why it's so easy to believe that our brains are just built one way or another by biology and that's that.

Easy beliefs are often the most dangerous ones.

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