Texting! With Liss and Deeky!

Deeky: I am sending you those Bieber cards when I am done with them.

Liss: LOL. Of course you are. Because you're a closet hoarder who just sends me his garbage treasures.

Deeky: No doy!

Liss: "I can't bear to throw away this 17-year-old porno mag with the centerfold who looks like Brian Bloom! Too many nice wankmemories! I know - I'll send it to Liss!"

Deeky: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! I can't stop giggling.

Liss: "I'll keep my house nice and clean and send my garbage treasure hoard to Indiana!"

Deeky: You love my treasures!

Liss: Your treasures, lol. Yes, I love them so much I put them in plastic treasure chests and put them out by the curb every week to be collected by the "treasure man" for safe keeping. He buries them at the "treasure dump" for me.

Deeky: LOL! How thoughtful!

Liss: It's like a safe deposit box, except EVEN BETTER.

Deeky: LOLOLOL! I wish I was back in Missouri. I would sooooo send you a mountain of treasures right now.

Liss: LOLOLOLOLOLOL! I bet you would.

[Click to embiggen.]

Above: An actual image of some of the recent garbage treasure that has been mailed to Liss by Deeky: A torn-out magazine photo of Brett Anderson circa 1993, a M4M phone sex ad, a random magazine photo of an eagle, New Kids on the Block trading cards, a doodle in colored pencil with a food stain on it, a Czech grocery specials flyer from 2001, an anti-McCain bumper magnet, and a glittery sticker featuring a cartoon of disembodied boobs being grabbed by hands reading "Free Mammograms."

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