The Rape Apologist's Lament

[Trigger warning for sexual violence.]

From an email I received after a mod banned (for comments in this thread) yet another Super Special Dude Who Figures the Commenting Policy (Which Explicitly Prohibits Rape Apologia) Doesn't Apply to Him:
I think it's unfortunate that someone who points out the evils inherent in one person forcibly removing power from another person who deserves equal rites [sic] so quickly violates the basic truths they believe everyone should operate under. I believe that the points I made are valid and worth defending, however by disabling my comments, you have taken away my power to defend myself from the attacks of others. It's ironic, almost, that in the context of a [sic] DeVito's character being sexually assaulted by groups of men at a time, you've created a situation in which my comments, the embodiment of my ideas and beliefs, are forcefully made vulnerable to the simultaneous assault of numerous people.

Those who's [sic] opinions differ from the most popular one deserve to be heard and deserve to actively defend their positions. As a feminist, I would think that you could have at least avoided perpetrating such an act of hypocrisy.
I can't decide which part I like better: The implication that his inability to continue to comment here is akin to being gang-raped, or his assertion that rape apologists are an oppressed minority.

My correspondent's "valid and worth defending" comment (which remains in the thread for all to admire) ends thus: "People like you are so afraid of a person being offended or hurt that they take all the fun out of life. There are plenty of issues out there that deserve your attention, plenty of evil people who actually do things that hurt others. Get of your high-horse about what is and isn't politically correct or offensive and get upset about something that actually matters. Christ."

This, in response to my saying that I don't find rape jokes funny.

It is my obligation, you see, to stop being so sensitive and STFU so that people who like rape jokes can enjoy them without their amusement being dampened by knowing there exist people on planet who don't share their good humor, or something.

Yeah, I've heard that before. And I am struck, once again, by this thought: Even if complaining that survivors and their allies weren't "tough" enough were a legitimate argument, one would think that the champions of fairness and justice making it (such as my correspondent) would direct their ire in the right direction—at the fucking rapists who create survivors (and their triggers) in the first place.

You want to laugh at rape jokes without having to hear survivors complain about them...? Take it up with RAPISTS.

Oh, but that's the flaw in my position, isn't it? Rape jokes are only funny because rape exists.

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