Latest Assange Rape Apologist: Julian Assange

[Trigger warning for sexual assault; rape apology.]

Julian Assange gets in on the discredit-Assange's-accusers act:
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Friday that the sexual misconduct charges against him are little more than an effort to discredit him and his organization.

"This has been a very successful smear campaign so far, but I think its days are numbered and people are starting to wonder, is what is claimed really true and if it is true, where is the evidence?," Assange told NBC's Today show. "Why has no evidence been provided even to me and my defense attorneys?"
Not for nothing, but the allegations made by the two women were published some time ago. Of course, I realize it's totally unfashionable, especially among rape apologists, to consider women's eyewitness statements about their own sexual assaults "evidence."

Anyway, special congratulations to Michael Moore for sounding exactly like a man accused of rape discrediting the women who accused him.

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