Friday Blogaround

This blogaround is brought to you by Shaxco, makers of the BieberMeter, for all your snow-measuring needs.

Kate Harding: [TW discussion of sexual violence] Some Shit I’m Sick of Hearing Regarding Rape and Assange

Diane Glosson: e-Textile Workshop Sells Out at the Record Breaking Grace Hopper Celebration 2010

Ladysquires: How Not to Write About Disability in Your College Application

abby jean at FWD/Forward: Training Is Important

Arturo R. Garcia: Thor Losers: ‘Christian’ Group Aghast at Idris Elba's Godliness

Brian Switek: Geminiraptor Helps Set Utah Dinosaur Record

cuppycake at Border House: 1UP’s “20 Worst Cosplayers” feature practices fat-shaming

smitten kitchen: roasted chestnut cookies

Some reading about White Nose Syndrome in bats, an epidemic I have mentioned here before:

Pamela Black: Agency Plans to Save Bats from White-nose Syndrome

Brandon Keim in Wired: The Desperate Battle Against Killer Bat Plague

From the USGS: Tattered Wings: Bats Grounded by White-Nose Syndrome’s Lethal Effects on Life-Support Functions of Wings

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