Today in Fat Hatred

So, a study by scientists at the University of Oxford has found a potential link between a variation in a specific gene and being fat.
The research follows a discovery in 2007 that identified a genetic variant within the FTO gene as being linked to a high likelihood of obesity.

People with two copies of the genetic variant - approximately 16% of all Europeans - were on average 3kg heavier than those without it.

In this year's study, the scientists bred mice with extra copies of the FTO gene, finding that the test mice, although healthy, ate more and became fatter than normal mice.
Although healthy. So it's just an aesthetic difference.
[The discovery] may pave the way for developing a revolutionary anti-obesity pill.
And there it is. Despite the continual claims of anti-obesity crusaders that they're just concerned about our health, even when there is evidence of cases where fatness is not unhealthy, it's still something that needs to be fixed. Because fatties are grody.

That right there? Is just unapologetic fat hatred.

Meanwhile, the media has already named this genetic variant the "greediness gene."

Because they're so concerned about our health, of course.

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