Quote of the Day

"It's great that President Obama is showing a fighting spirit in the weeks before an election, but what his former voters need to see is that same fighting spirit when he's governing."—Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, an org launched to advocate for progressive legislation and candidates who will champion it.

On the one hand, I'm like: Yeah!

On the other hand, I'm like: The problem isn't that he's not showing a fighting spirit; the problem is that he's just not using it to fight for the things I want and/or in the way I want. For someone who got elected on the soaring rhetoric of hope and change, he is frightfully indifferent to the value of being visionary. Even if his team is certain they are going to have to end up with compromised, bipartisanized, uninspiringly pragmatic legislation if they want to get anything passed, instant capitulation isn't ideologically helpful, even if it's politically expedient.

It does matter whether we win or lose, but it also matters how we play the game.

Is all I'm saying.

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