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Ever want to be class president? Ok, I never did. However, if this was your desire and you attend Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton, MS, and you're white--congratulations and good luck on your goal. If you're black? Well, too bad for you.
Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton, Miss., has segregated its elected class positions by race, according to a memo sent home with children at the school last week that was obtained by NBC News.

The memo was first brought to light when Brandy Springer, a mother of four children, contacted blogger Suzy Richardson, founder and editor of the blog It was also reported by Gawker.

“My [eighth-grade] daughter came home from [Nettleton] school telling me that she wanted to try out for the school reporter, but it is only open to black students,” Springer wrote Richardson. “They told her ‘she should run for class president, that was open to only white students.'”

The memo indicates that only white students can be president of the school’s eighth grade, while only black students can be vice president.

In seventh grade, whites are the only ones who can be both president and vice president, while the only position a black student at Nettleton can apply for in sixth grade is that of the class reporter.
You can read the memo (.pdf).
Separately, Springer told she spoke with the superintendent of the Nettleton school district on Thursday. She said he agreed the policy was outdated and that he was willing to review the policy.

The school issued a media statement on its website, but would not comment on any specific details about the memo or excerpts from the handbook.

“The processes and procedures for student elections are under review,” Superintendent Russell Taylor said in the statement. “We are reviewing the origin of these processes, historical applications, compliance issues, as well as current implications and ramifications.”
"Outdated"?! It's "under review"? WTF is there to review? That implies it may be kept and that somehow the school thinks the policy is not racist horseshit (helpful hint: it is, in fact, racist horseshit). While you're at it, Mr. Taylor, you should look at your homecoming policies, too (.pdf).

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