This is an actual campaign ad. Like, actually run on TV.‏

by Shaker codeman38

Below is a campaign ad for one of the contestants in the Georgia Republican gubernatorial runoff (a true case of "which of these really is the lesser of two evils?" if I've ever seen one):

(Footage of a wheat field against a dark sky is shown, with key words from the narration appearing in the sky.)

NARRATOR: The last straw. For some, it is Karen Handel's support of taxpayer funded gay partner benefits.

(Cut to a closer shot of the wheat.)

For others, the last straw is Karen Handel's vote to give our tax dollars to Youth Pride, a group that promotes homosexuality among teenagers as young as 13.

(Cut to wider shot.)

But for all, the lies Karen Handel tells about Nathan Deal, a veteran, former prosecutor, and judge, to hide what she's done, are the last straw.
Yes, this is apparently what's important in politics in Georgia.

And yes, I will confirm, as someone living in Georgia, that this...this thing has actually run on TV. Like, actually during local ad slots on prime time television.

Not to be outdone, Handel—who indeed was once a supporter of gay rights—has herself said some incredibly closed-minded stuff, after having allied with the Tea Party crowd in general and Palin in particular. As she wrote on Twitter in response to the Prop 8 verdict: "sick and tired of liberal judges subverting the will of the people to push their left wing agenda." Apparently she missed the fact that Judge Walker was nominated by none other than Ronald Reagan, and initially blocked by the Democrats.

Of course, this is all a moot point now, as Handel conceded to Deal despite the results of the runoff being "too close to call" according to the AP.

Not that it really affected my decision, of course, as I wasn't voting Republican to begin with.

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