Gibbs Doubles Down

Wow. Just wow:
[White House press secretary Robert Gibbs] disputed the idea that liberals would stay home on Election Day out of anger with him.

"I don't think they will [stay home], because I think what's at stake in November is too important to do that," he said.

When asked if he had put his foot in his mouth or intentionally teed off on liberal commentators, Gibbs opened his mouth to show reporters at the briefing that there was no foot in there.

"I think I have both my feet firmly planted on the floor and nothing in my mouth to speak of," Gibbs said.

..."I think many of you all have heard frustration voiced in here and around," Gibbs said. "I doubt I said anything that you haven't already heard."
So: Gibbs intended to call liberals drug-addled ingrates, even if "inartfully," and he was accurately representing a widely-held and oft-expressed administration view that just hasn't been put on the record until this point.

Further, he doesn't give a fuck what we think about that because the Republicans are so much worse that we'll just suck it up and vote for the Dems anyway.

Truly amazing. Breathtaking, really.

And note that the president is evidently fine with all that, since Gibbs also noted during today's presser in response to a question about his job security: "I don't plan on leaving." All righty then.

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