Poor Dear

by Shaker BrianWS

Again, I'm torturing myself by continuing to read Michelle Malkin's dishonest shit, and I could totally offer the opening line of one of her latest posts (to which I'm not linking, but you can find it easily if you're so inclined) without comment, but you know I'm not going to.
Raise your hands: Who else is sick of the Shirley Sherrod circus?
Sick of the Shirley Sherrod "circus?" The Shirley Sherrod "circus?!" "Circus?!?!"

I'm hoping my memory doesn't fail me from just a few days ago, Michelle Malkin, but if I recall, it was a writer at your site, along with Andrew Breitbart and that whole cabal of dishonest conservatives who turned this into a fucking "circus" to begin with by dishonestly painting her as a racist in a video where she actually tells the story of overcoming initial prejudices and becoming friends with a white farmer—the same one that you all tried to say she didn't help because he was white.

That's why there's a "circus" in the first place, so no, Michelle Malkin, you don't get to pretend to be sick and tired of hearing about it. You don't get to now pretend that it's just time to wrap things up and move on because it's becoming a sideshow act that you've simply had enough of.

You know who has the right to say she's had enough of this "circus?" Shirley Sherrod.

But considering that she's been labeled a racist, will forever be labeled a racist by a great number of people who don't understand context and believe that Andrew Breitbart has an honest bone in his body, and who lost her job because conservatives are so desperate to ignite some kind of "reverse-racism" war in this country and blame Obama for it, I'd imagine that she's unlikely to say that she's sick of it, considering that it's her fucking LIFE we're talking about—a life that's forever tainted in the public eye and forever linked with the word "racist." It's galling that for you, everything that's happened to her is just a "circus" that you've been forced to deal with. Our sincerest apologies for your inconvenience. Just think of all the time you could've spent lying about the administration, smearing low-level government employees and costing them their jobs, and explaining to us how hard white people have it now that Obama and his racist goons are in office if only you hadn't had the misfortune of being distracted by this "circus."

Being fortunate to have the privilege of not having to answer to an employer and not having to worry about losing your job if someone dishonestly attacks you, you've got a lot of fucking nerve to try to play this down.

No, you don't get to take the high road and say you're sick of this "circus" that you fucking helped to start, that your site supported, and is the kind of thing that you habitually traffic in to drive sleazy hits to your website.

No, you don't get to do that.

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