Ambassador Dudley

As I mentioned earlier, Dudley was an ambassador for his rescue organization at the County Fair this weekend. Most of the dogs there were fosters who are available for adoption, but Dudley and another grey girl were there as rescues who had found a home. Dudz did so well; he just worked and worked and worked the crowd—friendly and sweet and gentle with every baby and kid and adult who stopped by. He didn't lie down once for the first three hours, and, when he finally got tired, he laid down then rolled onto his back with his pink belleh in the air and legs all akimbo, looking cute as hell and letting strangers rub his tum.

I was ridiculously proud of him. On the way home, I told him that he saved other dogs' lives by being such a good boy—"Now these dogs will get adopted, and then the volunteers can foster new dogs, which means more dogs will be rescued!"—and Iain couldn't stop chuckling at me. "What are ye LIKE wif that dog?!"

It's just a turn of (Scottish) phrase, but I guess I'm like someone who knows how close her beloved companion came to getting killed, just because he wasn't going to make anyone any money anymore.

Beautiful Brindles.

Duke has a little rest from being professionally cute.

Dudz makes friends with Naomi, while Clayton hangs out nearby.

Greys, greys everywhere!

Naomi, chillaxin'.

Ambassador Dudz.

The gorgeous and tremendously sweet Clayton, who has
the biggest paws I've ever seen on a greyhound!

It was quite genuinely amazing to see Dudley in action. From a shy little guy who peed submissively every time I tried to leash him to a confident guy with an exuberant nature who put a smile on the face of everyone who approached him.

Dudz, right off the track, on left. Dudz at the dog park, two weeks ago.

The rescue saved Dudley. And it couldn't make me any happier that he's eminently willing (and able) to be an ambassador for the people who saved him, in order that we might pay it forward to another deserving dog.

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