Photobucket Make Some Noise Against Trans Exploitation at the Tribeca Film Festival

[Trigger warning.]

Yesterday, Shaker Eastsidekate sent me the link to (emphatic trigger warning re: transphobia, violence, and exploitation) this piece by Gina at Skip the Makeup about a film set to run at the Tribeca Film Festival titled Ticked Off Trannies With Knives.
This work of film discusses the sensitive issue of violence against trans women and the plot involves 'Trannies' extremely violent revenge against men who abused them, but you'll be happy to know it's all been done with a lot of humor. As the director stated, "I don't consider myself an advocate. I'm not really a protester or anything like that. All of my films feature comedy."
There are many more details about the specific tone and content of this film at the link, where Gina provides a comprehensive deconstruction of the many, many things that are wrong with this piece of art shit, which has nary a single trans person among its creative team. (Shocking.)

Over at her eponymous blog, gudbuytjane provides another swell quote from the director, a cis gay man who wanted to do a revenge film but thought films about "male gay bashing victims" were overdone, thus his appropriation of trans lives:
[My film's] like Grand Theft Auto. If you have a bad day at work, you can shoot some people, kill some hookers, trash your car and feel better. It's the same with my movie.
Classy. Did I mention that this Tarantino-wannabe asshole uses the names of real victims of real murders not only in the movie, but right in the trailer? "Denver, CO. Angie Zapata, a transgender teen
is bludgeoned to death by a man she met online," reads the trailer. Yeah. Even Grand Theft Auto doesn't have the gall to use the names of real life murder victims to justify its gleeful violence. Fury.

Photobucket Register your polite but firm disappointment that Tribeca would not only be screening this film, but promoting it as their first film to feature transgender people in transgender roles, by contacting Tammie Rosen at (212) 941-2003, or There is also a Facebook group.

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