Melissa McEwan is the founder and editor-in-chief of Shakesville, which she launched as Shakespeare's Sister in October 2004 because George Bush was pissing her off. She is the very model of a modern major misandrist. You can find her on Twitter at @shakestweetz.

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Aphra Behn is a feminist, gardener, historian, dog lover, and casual runner. Her roots are in the U.S. Midwest and Canadian Maritimes. She is not a dead 17th century playwright, although she enjoys a good breeches role every now and again.

Fannie Wolfe has been writing about feminism, politics, LGBT issues, and pop culture since 2007, most often at Fannie's Room, but also at several sites now in blog heaven, including Grace the Spot, Our Big Gayborhood, and Family Scholars Blog. When not writing, she can be found plotting the intersectional feminist takeover of the universe, jumping into volcanoes, and coordinating the recruitment effort of the lesbian branch of the Gay Mafia. She Twitters at @fanniesroom.

Kate Forbes, aka eastsidekate, lives on the north side. After getting a PhD in Zoology, she spent three years as an assistant professor of environmental science before ending up in IT. In addition to writing at Shakesville, she fails to maintain two personal blogs, A Cunt of One's Own, and Duck, Duck, Gay Duck. She is an unrepentant evangelist of stale coffee, Jell-O salad, and pickled everything.

Maud, whose real name was Mary Quinn, is a former contributor to Shakesville who died in November of 2010. Maud was a gifted writer, and a spectacular moderator, who had a way of conveying the principles of the space, and defending its boundaries, with fierceness, eloquence, and wit. Her posts and comments routinely made us weep with laughter, and invigorated everyone who had the privilege of reading them with their reverberating insight. We will miss her always.

Mustang Bobby is a writer and blogger who looks at the world with dry bemusement and tries to get through life without bumping into the furniture. In addition to Shakesville, his work can be read at his own blogs, Bark Bark Woof Woof and Bobby Cramer, and at the literary group blog The Practical Press.

Teh Portly Dyke is 50-something, 5 ft. (in shoes), 155 lbs. Pretty handy with a thesaurus, says "fuck" a lot. A founding Member of the Lesbian Grand Council and licensed distributor for Titty-Wrap Hugs, Inc.[twh]., her super-power is Occasional Fits of Pique and her aliases include Chatty Cathy, Troll-Bane, Ms. Deity, The Right Reverend, and Kwisatz Fatterach.

Guest Blogger: Shakesville regularly features guest posts by a variety of bloggers. If you're interested in guest blogging at Shakesville, please email Liss with your request.

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