Question of the Day

What's your funny food habit?

Everyone I've ever met has one: Won't let hir food touch, will only eat off a blue plate, won't eat anything with a particular texture, has to eat peas in pairs, dunks French fries in hir milkshake, must eat lunch exactly at noon, has eaten the exact same breakfast every morning for 63 years...fess up. What's your food quirk?

One of mine is that I love green peppers, but only raw. Once they're cooked, I can't stand the texture, and if they're cooked in something, their flavor overwhelms every other flavor for me. So I only really enjoy them raw. And usually by themselves, although I don't mind them in a tossed salad.

Iain has a great food quirk: He has a cast-iron stomach and will eat just about anything and everything put in front of him. But the one thing he wouldn't touch if you paid him is leftovers of food that has been eaten off of, even if it was he who did the eating. So, like, leftovers from a huge serving of pasta brought home from a restaurant...? No chance. But if I cook something in the crockpot and there are leftovers, he'll eat them. Because they went straight from the cooker and into the fridge.

I mean, I get it. No saliva contamination. It makes sense. But we're talking about someone who once drank a bottle of milk that had fallen out of a grocery bag and languished between two couch cushions for a week. Why he would drink that (and how he could drink that without getting sick!) but not touch leftover spag-bol that came in contact with his own spit is beyond me.

Naturally, I find this totally hilarious and equally as adorable.

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