Vloggin' with Blogginz, Episode 7

KennyBlogginz wants to be a celebrity impressionist... Disclaimer: No Seths were harmed in the making of this video.

[Episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six.]

[Also available at Daily Motion. Full transcript below.]
Title Card: Vloggin' with Blogginz

KBlogz: Everybody who knows me knows that I'm a huge, huge fan—

Liss: Huge.

KBlogz: —of Frank Caliendo—

Liss: Yes.

KBlogz: —the noted impressionist—

Liss: Mm-hmm.

KBlogz: —uhh, who had a show on, like, UPN for like two weeks.

Liss: Mm-hmm.

KBlogz: And I just—it's always been my dream to grow up and be an impressionist, just even, even if I'm half as good as he is, it'll just be—

Liss: Do you do celebrity impressions?

KBlogz: I do. [gives cheeky look]

Liss: [clears throat] Uhhhhhm, can I throw some names at you?

KBlogz: Do it!

Liss: Uhhhhhm, Jay Leno.

KBlogz: [in high, Leno-like voice] Mehf me me meh meh! Meh! Paris Hilton! Mee!

Liss: [laughs] That's pretty good.

KBlogz: Thank you.

Liss: Um, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

KBlogz: [in low, Schwarzenegger-like voice] Yearrgh. Hi-hi-hiyearrgh. [Liss laughs] Get to the chopper! Yearrgh.

Liss: [laughs] Uhh, how about Dana Carvey?

KBlogz: [snickers; puts his hands up like Carvey impersonating George H.W. Bush] Not gadda da it!

Liss: [laughs] That's your impression of him doing an impersonation of H—George H.W. Bush?

KBlogz: Yeah. Ironically, uh, George Bush never said that.

[They both laugh.]

Liss: Um— [Liss coughs]

KBlogz: And yet that became his catchphrase.

Liss: I know—that's funny! Thousand points of light. [KBlogz laughs] Um, how about—how 'bout George W. Bush?

KBlogz: [in Bush's voice] Heh heh. Heh heh heh.

[They both laugh. Edit.]

Liss: Charles Nelson Reilly.

KBlogz: [laughs; touches glasses; puts on Reilly's voice] Woohhoohh! [Liss laughs.] Mmmmm!


Liss: Tom Cruise.

KBlogz: [chuckles] What's one of his lines that I could say?

Liss: Uhhhhhm—I am a law—attorney and an officer in the United States Navy, and you're under arrest, you son of a bitch!

KBlogz: [snickers] It's time to get serious—because these are the DAYS OF THUNDER!

[Liss laughs; edit]

Liss: Dom DeLuise.

KBlogz: [laughs; shrugs] God, I can't even think of— [stares at Liss blankly, who laughs]


Liss: How 'bout…Seth Rogen?

KBlogz: Umm… [in low, Rogen-like voice] Hey, I'm Seth Rogen.

Liss: [laughs; clears throat] I heard you had a theory about Seths.

KBlogz: [nods] Yeah, that they're—they're no good.

Liss: [laughs] They're no good?

KBlogz: Yeah. It's my Seth Theory.

Liss: Uh-huh. Would you care to elaborate?

KBlogz: [counting off on his fingers] Seth Rogen—

Liss: Yeah.

KBlogz: —Seth MacFarlane—

Liss: Yeah.

KBlogz: —Seth Green—

Liss: Yeah.

KBlogz: —Seth Meyers.

Liss: Oof. King Douche of SNL.

KBlogz: Look at these four Seths!

Liss: Unsafe Seths.

KBlogz: It's a—get the complete Seth.

Liss: [laughs] So you think that Seths are like…maybe…Siths?

KBlogz: They are like Seth Lords.

Liss: They're Seth Lords! They're takin' over?

KBlogz: [nods] They're returning.

Liss: Mm.

KBlogz: It's no good.

Liss: That's scary. Are they the Four Seths of the Apocalypse?

KBlogz: I sure hope not.

Liss: [laughs] I hope not, too! Although you know what the good thing is about the Apocalypse, don'tcha…?

KBlogz: That's true.

Liss: Plenty of parking.

KBlogz: Plenty of parking.

Liss: Yeah.

Title Card: The End!!!

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