The NQDTR: A Discussion

Alright: we've had The Not Quite Daily Teaspoon Report running for a week now.

The main question I'd like to discuss here is whether Shakers are liking the "no-congrats" rule for the post, or would prefer to allow a more conversational approach in comments.

The reason I started it with the no-congrats rule is because I'm aware there are a lot of Shakers who don't go into the comment threads here much at all. And I can see how that'd make sense: if you only have limited time to come to Shakesville, you want to maximize your reading time of the actual posts. So I wanted to keep it tightly focused to draw in more of those folks, because of course the whole point of the NQDTR is that you need to read the comments, and I figure people are more likely to read it if they know that the "signal-to-noise" ratio, if you will, has been kept high.

That said, there's a lot of value to be found in the kinds of discussion we tend to have in comments here.

As I see it, there are three options:

1) Tightest focus: as it currently stands.

2) Slightly more relaxed: allow discussion, but not "just congrats" comments. This one might, for instance, have people talking about ways and means of teaspooning, but would still avoid the "You are the r0xx0rz!" kind of comment. This retains the signal-to-noise ratio at a fairly high point, and has a value-added component.

3) No special rules; same as any other Shakesville thread.

My goal here is to make the NQDTR the most valuable it can be to the most Shakers.


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