The Nerve!

A study has found that some fat people dare to think they're "normal." Oh noes! Get me to the fainting couch, Martha!

Here's the problem with "normal": The study found that about 10% of people who are deemed obese "misperceive that their body size is normal and think they don't need to lose weight."

Hmm. See, I think my body is normal. That doesn't mean I'm misperceiving my body size or fantasizing that I'm not fat. What it means is that I reject the notion there is a standard "normal" and think my body is normal for me.

Along the same lines:
Researchers asked 5,893 people, 54% of them women, to choose their present body size and ideal body size from a chart depicting nine human figures. The discrepancy between the two was used to measure how satisfied the participants were with their bodies.
Ideal for whom? The average person? Ideal based on what measure? The size of airline seats? Or what one's body does naturally, or does on mood stabilizers, or does when a trick knee has made exercise difficult, or does when on 500 calories a day? What?

Normal. Ideal.

These are words that aren't relevant if you genuinely care about people's health and not aesthetics. Except, perhaps, insomuch as what's normal and ideal for you.

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