Impossibly Beautiful

A few Shakers (InfamousQBert, catvoncat, MLM, and my apologies if I've forgotten anyone) have sent me links to various posts about the cover of the December issue of W, featuring Demi Moore:

[Click to embiggen.]

Normally I would provide a candid shot for comparative purposes (and here's a reminder of what Demi Moore looks like in real life, if you need one), but the most shocking thing here is not so much the lack of resemblance to her real self as the giant chunk of her hip that's missing:

[Image via BoingBoing.]

If you can't view the image, it's a cropped portion of the cover in which it's obvious that part of Moore's hip has simply been airbrushed away. No effort was even made, really, to hide the fact, as the material of her dress hasn't been adjusted; it just stands out away from her body. And her thigh and the part of her hip above remain where they should be. It's shocking what a terrible Photoshop job this is, actually. And to what purpose? Because a woman can never be beautiful enough.


By way of reminder: Comments that try to suss out what changes, exactly, were made, and even comments noting that, for example, the removal of laugh lines because they are ZOMG wrinkles actually robs a face of its character or humanity, are welcome. Discussions of how "she looks prettier/hotter/better in the candid picture" and associated commentary (which would certainly make me feel like shit if I were the person being discussed) are not. So please comment in keeping with the series' intent, implicit in which is the question: If no one can ever be beautiful enough, then to what end is the pursuit of an elusive perfection?

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