Rape Is Hilarious, Part 46

[Trigger warning.]

Shaker Selasphorus emails (which I'm publishing with her permission):
Someone just posted a link to [a website which isn't getting a link from Shakesville] in my journal and asked what I thought of it. It's a satire site calling attention to the thirty Republicans opposing Senator Franken's amendment that calls itself "Republicans For Rape." Massive trigger warning on this thing.

The language of the site is pretty sickening to me. It has decided that rape must be a Republican value based on the Republicans that voted against the amendment, and is now talking about the "best kinds of rape" and making all sorts of other rape jokes. Yes, such cutting satire! Certainly this will draw attention to the Republicans who voted against ensuring justice for rape victims, and this will certainly...change minds? Yeah, I don't know, I think it's just one giant triggery mess.
Shades of the anti-Glenn Beck site that uses rape as the centerpiece of its allegedly incisive satire.

Trenchant as hell, man!

Naturally, I am too daft to understand the fine nuances of this sophisticated and edgy comedy. What can I say? My appreciation for rape humor must have gotten knocked right out of me as my rapist bashed my skull against a stone fireplace.

Btw, the bottom of the page notes: "This website is (mostly) satire. Its creators do not endorse rape nor do they oppose anti-rape legislation." No, of course they don't endorse rape. They just perpetuate the rape culture with hilarious rape satire and dismiss actual rape victims who object as overwrought hysterics who aren't hip enough to appreciate their totes trenchant humor.

And I'm sure they'd be completely mollified if the Republicans who voted against the Franken amendment issued a statement reading: "Our votes were (mostly) not pro-rape. We do not endorse rape nor do we create websites that satirically minimize the gravity of rape."

Oh, I know, it's supposed to be so different. But it isn't. Republicans are just trying to protect their corporate sponsors, and if victims of rape are a casualty, so be it. The "Republicans for Rape" creators just hate Republicans, and if victims of rape are a casualty of hitting back at Republicans, so be it. What they share in common is that neither one of gives a fuck about rape survivors.

And you can't claim to be anti-rape if you don't give a fuck about rape survivors. It's really just. that. simple.

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