Today in Fat-Hatin'

A few people have mentioned this in comments over the past couple of days; here is the clip from Monday's The Daily Show of Jon Stewart in a fat suit after having "gone off his diet" for a few weeks during their hiatus. Transcript below. Discuss.
Jon Stewart [in fat suit including "fat face" prosthetic]: Heh-heyyyyyyy! All right! We are back, baby! Three-week break, longest break in the show's history, but tonight's show is a winner—the great LeBron Jaaaaaaaaames is gonna be on the program tonight; we're very excited; it's gonna be awesome—

John Oliver: Whoa, whoa, Jon, Jon—

Stewart: John Oliver, ladies and gentlemen!

Oliver: Hello.

Stewart: John Oliver's back!

[audience applause]

Oliver: Wow.

Stewart: We're all back!

Oliver: We're all back.

Stewart: John Oliver! Yes!

Oliver: Some of us more than others. What happened to you?!

Stewart: Uh, I'm sorry?

Oliver: You're fat!

Stewart: I got what?

Oliver: You are fat. Uppercase F fat.

Stewart: There's no reason for your words like that.

Oliver: Well, what happened?

Stewart: Well, I was down at the Jersey Shore; I may have gone off my diet for a couple of days, but...

Oliver: No shit. No shit you went off your diet.

Stewart: Uh... I don't think there's any reason for that— [A beeper goes off and Stewart holds up a finger to stop proceedings then reaches under his desk.]

Oliver: What was that?

Stewart: Snaaaaack tiiiiiime! [He pulls out a tray with a sandwich and two milkshakes on it.]

Oliver: Oh, please no. [Inaudible] you're hungry.

Stewart: Jersey Shore breakfast of champions.

Oliver: What've we got here?

Stewart: Cheesesteak.

Oliver: Yeah.

Stewart: Milkshake.

Oliver: Yeah—and what's that one?

Stewart: Uh, that's a cheesesteak milkshake.

Oliver: Ooh. I am repulsed. [Stewart goes to take a bite of the sandwich.] Please, Jon, at least let us use the Williams filter on the cameras.

Stewart: The Williams filter?

Oliver: Yeah, it's the camera effect that Brian Williams uses to make himself look normal on TV.

Stewart: Brian Williams is, uh, a big man?

Olivier: Oh, god, he's absolutely enormous. In fact, the only way he got his job was by eating Tom Brokaw.

[Badly Photoshopped picture of Brian Williams' head on a very fat man's body. The audience howls with horror and laughs.]

Stewart: What?

Oliver: That's a fact.

Stewart: It's certainly easier than working out. Can we try the Williams filter?

Oliver: Yeah. Just give it a go to... [moves his hands together as if to indicate shrinking size]

Stewart: If we—I'd just like to give it a try.

Oliver: [points at Stewart's head] This is the problem here.

Stewart: Can you give me a little—? Let me give you an anchor pose while we do it.

Oliver: [makes disgusted face as Stewart moves] Ugh. Your suit's ripping.

[A "lens" comes into view and fuzzes out Stewart and Oliver. When it pulls back, Stewart is no longer in the fat suit and prosthetic. The audience goes wild.]

Stewart: [looks pleased] Eh!

Oliver: There you go. There you go. Pretty good.

Stewart: Nice!

Oliver: That's not bad. There you go.

Stewart: I like it! That worked pretty well.

Oliver: You're back!

Stewart: Wait a minute.

Oliver: What?

Stewart: If we're using that filter, shouldn't you then look even skinnier?

Oliver: Oh, I'm not actually here. Uh, I'm a hallucination brought on by your obesity-induced diabetes. [audience laughter] Well, gotta go! [blows glitter out of hands and skips away; audience cheers]

Stewart: Yeah, baby! We gotta good show for ya! We're back— Can I see that picture one more time, of me without the filter?

[Image of Stewart in fat suit and prosthetic; audience laughs.]

Stewart: Oh! I just want my kids to know how I'll look at their graduations. All right.

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