About Bread and Teaspoons

Since I've had a few questions, thought I'd give a few quick answers here.

1) I'm just fine. Busy with life, running my business, and my handfasting ceremony this coming Sunday afternoon (my first "official"* marriage! at 43!). I'm fundamentally an introvert, and sometimes when life gets a little overwhelming, I have a tendency to retreat into my lair and pull a nicely-shaped rock over me. I always come back out, though, when I'm done recharging. :)

2) Bread and Teaspoons will be back, most certainly. I expect to have the next post up Monday morning, as before, though slightly revamped, with an eye to increasing reader traffic through the comment threads.

3) I'll share a piece of wonderful news related to B&T, though: a Shaker e-mailed me last night to tell me they'd gotten new work through a B&T post, and moreover, it allowed them to leave a work situation which was increasingly out of accord with their political views**.

Thanks to those who have written to ask if I'm alright, and to encourage me to keep B&T going. One more reason for me to love this place: relative strangers care about how one is getting on, and notice when one doesn't show up for a bit. One is much pleased by this.

* I've lived in a couple of common-law situations, but never actual vows and ceremonies and so on. I say "official" in quotes because our ceremony isn't legal - my intended is legally married to her husband, we're all polyamourous - but it's plenty meaningful enough. :)

** Yes, I use "singular they". So did Chaucer, Shakespeare and many others. If I'm breaking what you view as the rules, at least I'm in good company.

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