Bi-Monthly Reminder & Thank You

This is, for those who have requested it, your monthly reminder to donate to Shakesville. I know there are people who resent these reminders, but there are also people who appreciate them, so I've now taken to doing them every other month, in the hopes that will make a good compromise.

As I've said before, asking for donations is difficult for me, partly because I've got an innate aversion to asking for anything, and partly because these threads are frequently critical and stressful. But it's also one of the most feminist acts I do here.

So. Here's the reminder.

You can donate once by clicking the button in the righthand sidebar, or set up a monthly subscription here.

Please don't feel obliged to donate, especially if money is tight. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel stretched because of a donation.

I also want say thank you, so very much, to each of you who donates or has donated, whether monthly or as a one-off. I am profoundly grateful—and I don't take a single cent for granted. I've not the words to express the depth of my appreciation, besides these: This community couldn't exist without that support, truly. Thank you.

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