C is for Can't Spell

This week I've been telling you, "Ask questions. Ask questions." [flips through charts] Here are all the questions we have from just today. We have more. We have more you'll find 'em on the website at Glenn Beck dot com. [runs over to chalkboard on which is written:


and turns toward chalkboard with chalk] I told you that we were gonna, we were gonna talk about these things. We're gonna talk about Obama [circles O in "Obama" on chalkboard], the Left [circles L in "left"], internationalists [circles I in "internationalist"], graft [circles G in "graft"], ACORN-style organizations [circles A in "ACORN"], revolution [circles R in "revolutionaries"], and hidden agenda [circles H in "hidden"].

O-L-I-G-A-R-H. [writing letters as he speaks] One letter is missing. Why did I select these words? Because ACORN selects tides (?); they all select their, their words first and then tie 'em all together into one word. Oligarch! [underlines "oligarh"] The one that's missing is "Y." [writes a Y at the end of the word, to make "oligarhy"]

I don't know if we're turning into an oligarchy or what we're turning into. But unless you ask why, we're gonna transform into something! Ask questions—now!
Okay, here's a question: Do they have any dictionaries over there at Fox News, you giant dumbass?

[H/T to Iain.]

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