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[Trigger warning.]

Man poisoned wife in "ill thought-out" act of love:
A British pensioner who tried to poison his estranged wife so he could rekindle her love by nursing her back to health [has] received a 350-day prison sentence, suspended for two years, the Press Association reported. Judge Robert Brown also imposed an 18-month supervision order at Preston Crown Court.
Okay, first of all, he didn't try to poison her: He did poison her. He dropped mercury in her tea "at least five times," causing her to suffer "symptoms including forgetfulness, indigestion and headaches." The whole point is that he wanted to make her sick, and he did.

Secondly, THAT IS NOT AN ACT OF LOVE!!! A man who poisons his estranged wife in order to make her ill and vulnerable and dependent on someone for care, hoping that someone is him, isn't committing an act of love—he's committing a criminal act of extreme stupidity and voracious selfishness so profound that it is, in fact, the very opposite of love, prioritizing as it does his own needs over her life, which he is eminently willing to risk for his own gain.

Way to go, Reuters. There isn't enough conflation between "love" and "men doing violence to women" in our culture already. Men stalk women because they "love" them. Men hit women because they "love" them. Men rape women because they "love" them. Men kill their partners (and children) because they "love" them.


Contact Reuters.

[H/T to Shaker Gegi.]

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