SNN Breaking News: Birther Identified as Threat-Making Shit-Stirrer

In a completely stunning revelation, Delaware Online has discovered that the woman behind the recent "birther" rant directed at Rep. Mike Castle during a townhall is a shit-stirring weirdo whose local conservative radio station has banned her for being too unhinged even for them—and possibly dangerous:
According to another WGMD host, Jared Morris, she has been banned from calling the station -- known for its conservative leanings and hosts -- on several occasions. [...]

She repeatedly has called Obama "the antichrist" on the airwaves, and "her phone calls have turned to faxes and threats," according to Morris.

"I have actually talked to an angel who came down in human form," she said during the Jan. 1 show. "We will have alien contact in October of this year, in the southwestern USA."
And, as Jared Morris pointed out, this is the woman that people were cheering.

[H/T to C&L]

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