I'm watching this clip [NSFW] of some ding-a-ling going totes apeshit on Hell's Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay trying to look all hard as if there aren't two giant bodyguards flanking him, and I wonder, once again, if the contestants gets paid per "bitch" on that show or what.

I haven't watched it this season at all, even though I only watched it to hate the sweet fuck out of it before, because I can't even bear to look at Ramsay since he acted the complete überscum toward that reporter in Australia. He's just a despicable bully.

So I'm interested, if totally unsurprised, to note that the show remains populated with contestants who use the word "bitch" like it's going out of style. I've never seen anything like it.

And I find it really curious that a nonstop stream of "bitch" is considered appropriate (i.e. unbleepable) during primetime, despite the fact that it's a slur demeaning half the population. And the way it's frequently used on Hell's Kitchen, it's a homophobic slur embedded with a rape reference.

But a brief view of Janet Jackson's tittay was a national scandal.

This country is so fucked up.

[Commenting Guidelines: Let's not play Oppression Olympics here, please. Even though it may be true that some other kinds of slurs might not be treated as unseriously in this one arena, it's not relevant, and pointing that out is just expressing a grievance that hurts the people who have earned that little bit of respect, not the people who fail to extend it to everyone. In other words: It hurts the wrong people. And we all know that one slur being beeped on telly isn't evidence that the associated bigotry is gone, anyway. On-topic comments will discuss the hypocrisy of how women and/or gay men are treated, e.g. ubiquitous slurs against them fine, but images of women's bodies or portrayals of gay male consensual sex treated as scandalous.]

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